Its a really nice girl,maybe their principal atractive are that mini skirt and the long socks,really nice to look. She was nicknamed Coatie by Phoron and her colleague at work. A six-winged spirit that possessed power and speed beyond any ordinary spirits. 12 years ago she make a pact with a young boy that later known as Tatara Phoron and was mysteriously imprisoned in the academy phoron was studying at. (Their principal atractive are that long socks and their mini skirt,really really hot).Much of her power was lost and attributes the fault to Phoron for not singing the song anymore to provide her the sustainence she needs to keep her more mature form. Although she doesn't seems to mind all that much being in the form of the child. She appears very rude and not showing any empathy towards others but was quick to anger if someone tries defame spirit's reputation as seen in episode 2. She also like to destroys and being on the offence without any thought of consequences like how she launch a barrage of attacks while phelte was held as victim and when phoron thank her for saving her she quickly nods and said that it was her plan all along.