Snow Drop (スノウドロップ Sunou Doroppu?) is the Dantist of Eliphas Blanca Albiona, the White Saintly Animal. Having no memories of her family or her past, she is taken in by the Granard Family and is made the personal maid of the daughter Primrose. Snow is seen as a sweet and soft-spoken girl who attends a Shinkyouku School. At times, in the battlefield, she can become a brutal opponent. She is seen in game clips wielding a katana. Her instrument is a contrabass called the Eternal White.

She is seen with Blanca in the last episode of the anime.



She doesn't have any memories before meet Primrose and become Primrose's maid. She can sing as well but, she never plays any instrumets. Maybe she will died if she don't meet Primrose.

She have a dream when she sing to someone who close to her, and when she meet Eliphas Blanca Albiona, he looks similiar to her.

Before Snow Drop lost her memories, Blanca and her make a contract. Because Blanca think she was Enternalia's rencarnation.



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