Phoron Tatara (タタラ・フォロン Tatara Foron?) is the main protagonist. Phoron is a Dantist working in the Tsuge Divine Music Player Office. Although he is the master of the Red spirit, Corticarte Apa Lagranges, he doesn't have a full control over her (because Cortica always wants to follow her own will). He plays an organ-like instrument (that is seen in the first season [Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica] that can transform into a motorbike. He also uses a backpack-sized piano-like One-Man Orchestra on those occasions where he cannot use his motorbike. He is very kind, but naive and somewhat dense. He once said that he plays Commandia for "someone he loves" meaning his contract spirit "Corti."


When he was young, he met Corticarte Apa Lagranges and made a contract with her. Phoron met Corticarte when he was sing a song in housetop. Corticarte came with injury, she said, Phoron voice was good and wanna make a contract with him.

Before the contract finish, Corticarte go from Phoron because the enemy come. He always believe he will met Corticarte again.

Meet Corticarte AgainEdit

Twelve years old after he meet Corti,  Phoron want to be a Dantist and school in named Commandia Academy. He can't play Commandia and call the spirit with Commandia, and then, he was sing. His friend, Renbart Saiki see his performance.

In the mysterious room, Corticarte hear Phoron voice and become a black spirit to complete the contract, but, the Yugiri twins and Renbart think Corticarte was a evil spirit.

Eufinley Tsuge, Phoron's senpai, against Corticarte with her spirit Wolfis. Yugiri twins, Renbart, and Phoron go to help Eufinley. But, The spirit come to Phoron and resurge as Corticarte Apa Lagranges as a child and complete the contract.

Helping CorticarteEdit

In the last episode of second sesaon, Renbart, Eufinley, and Phoron go to Borzon place. they come to thwart the plan Borzon, and save Corticarte.

In the last Episode, Phoron kiss Corticarte and when Phoron play the Commandia, she matures intu an adult figure





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